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Healthy and Husky

July 06, 2020

Healthy and Husky

All my life ive been told I need to shed weight, that im not healthy, to get in shape. These are all negative phrases that are directed towards our big belly boy gang. There is ways to live a happy healthy life. Not matter if you put on some pounds, love food, have medical conditions, or maybe if you where just blessed big and beautiful you CAN live healthy and happy. Some tips are tricks to this can be pretty simple. Getting healthy dosnt mean we have to change the amount we eat maybe just the substance we are eating. Maybe instead of getting a burger , today we try a chicken salad, or a black bean patty. Instead of staying inside on our phones we take a moment to go outside and walk the neighborhood or take the dog out to play. These are some little things that physically can keep your serotonin levels up ! Being healthy isnt all about food our excersize either. Taking a break from our every day addiction to social media can be a huge factor of a healthy life style. We are subjected to so much screen time it dosnt allow your brain to get a full Rem sleep. As well as adds stress to our minds and puts ideas in our minds from posts we see that maybe we arnt perfect or good enough? Excess stress from social media can be a huge weight on our dopemin levels and damaging to our happiness and self love. So next time your sitting in the house with nothing to do, grab a coloring book, maybe a puzzel, board game , and enjoy some time away from the virtual world. These are all things that can stimulate a more happy and healthy and husky life style. As a example of someone who embraces this life style is the beautiful singer song writer Mrs lizzo. She is a travel touring world phenomenon. Well being big and beautiful she participates in self love , by not being afraid to show off her moves or her beautiful voice. I say dont be afraid to sing , dance or eat , or wear that outfit you think dosnt fit right. Be proud and take some time to love you!

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