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Fat and confident.

June 14, 2020

Fat and confident.

  Confidence is something we all learn, it’s when we begin to love ourselves. We as humans have flaws no matter who we are. I know for myself It was always about my weight, about how my body looked. It wasn’t always like that I had all the confidence in the world. Till the people who were supposed to be my biggest fans told me you’re too big to wear that you need to cover up your stomach, I need to go to the gym at such a young age. I started to believe them I started covering up as much as I could wearing hoodies & sweatpants because I felt so ugly in my skin. Eventually I stopped listening to them, I started to try to love myself, I started telling myself one thing that I liked about myself, one thing that I had that made me different that made me, ME. It definitely helped once I began to love myself and began to find love. The confidence I gained projected off of me I was able to begin to connect with people, I begin to find people who I related to, who I could trust whether it be my actual family or a built family.


   As the journey continued, I began to realize I spent so many years trying to please other people, that I forgot who I really needed to please myself. I got so caught up in what social media puts out as “perfect” I didn’t see that we are all made to be different & to be our own version of “perfect”. The stigma of you have to be thin to be beautiful is dead. I know it will never fully go away, I have my days where I feel ugly, then I remind myself that I am me. That I don’t have to look like the feller standing next to me. Moral of the story, Be you, Be the person you want to be.

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